Autumn Impression #2 - Cooper Sparkle...

 Mac Eye Shadows in Coppering, Mythology, Antiqued and Amouros Alloy - £10 each. 
Charlotte Tilbury Palette in Dolce Vita - £38
Mac Pigment in Copper Sparkle - £17

As I said in my previous Autumn Impression post, Autumn is definitely the season where you can experiment with make up. It's all about those Autumn leaf shades and burnt warm shades. this time I'll be talking about Cooper shades, my personal favourite look on anyone. Unlike plum shades, coopers suit a lot more eye colours and skin tones, in fact I think they suit also everyone. I've routed through my collection for my favourite cooper shades, ranging from wearable to a little bit more fun and exciting. 
Let's start off with the more wearable shades that just have that warm burnt orange hint to them. The most wearable of the bunch is the Bourjois Little Pot Eye Shadow in Bronze, This is a really warm brown with that warm golden orange hint, great for green eyes. These Little Pots aren't overly pigmented but they are really builable which is amazing for newbies. Next up is a Mac eye shadow in Antiqued which is one of my favourite Mac shadows that I own. It's a much darker brown but still contains that burnt orange tint to it, really warming. If you want to bring out those warmer hints in your eye colour then definitely head for an orange based colour, it really warms up the eye colour. The same as my plum edition, I have two all singing, all dancing palettes, one high street one luxury. This one from L'oreal Paris is their Colour Riche Quad in Eau De Rose, The palette contains shades that can be used as a highlight, base shades and even a darker crease colour, I would recommend trying this one out first before splashing out on a luxury one. The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette in just outstanding but expensive. It's super luxury and the shades are all amazing, the gold glitter is my personal favourite which the Loreal Colour Riche Quad doesn't come with unfortunately. Back onto Mac, their shade in Mythology is a really suitable peachy orange shade. It's super duper shimmery but great for an everyday hint of peach. A dupe for this shade is definitely the Mac Factor Wild Eyes Shadow in Feral Brown. This is really similar but has a slightly browner hint to it, once again making it more wearable. Unlike the others, this has silver shimmer running through it which makes it different to the others and will be better for those with cooler toned eyes. 
Finally three more Mac products, Amouros Alloy is unfortunately a limited edition eye shadow and I'm not sure if it's available anymore but I thought I'd throw it in just in case. I think this will be amazing on blue eyes, it's slightly darker than the others but not as dark as Antiqued but they are very similar. It has a slightly brighter burnt orange to it though with a really pretty sheen. Coppering is a really fun hot orange shade, I don't wear this much but I really love it. It's quite an unusual shade and I haven't actually seen anything else like it. It's more matte than the others but still has a slight shimmer to it which makes it more wearable and pretty. This looks amazing all over the lid with bold black winged liner to stop it from making your eyes red and sore. 
Finally the most fun gorgeous product of them all, Mac Copper Sparkle Pigment is just stunning and so eye catching. This is the type of copper product I would go for over Coppering for a really wow look with a matte brown or black blended into the crease and winged liner to really sculpt the eye look. 

Jess xo

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