How To Rock That Almost Black Lipstick ...

Mac Lipstick in Cyber - £15.50
Seveteen Lipstick in New Black - £4.99
YSL Matte Lipstick in Prune Virgin - £28

I don't know about you but at this time of year, I love whacking out the dark lip colours. Darker than plummy shades, I'm talking almost black shades. You might think that these are quite intimidating shades but to start off they make your teeth look super white, so that's a plus point right there. 
1. Lip liner - In my opinion, I think a super dark lip needs to be super precise and a lip liner is essential. Keeping that lip line clear, makes it pop even more and look crisp. 
2. Under tones - Each lip has slightly different undertones, if you're worried about whether it will suit you then choose one with either warmer or cooler under tones. Whatever undertone you think suits you better. I don't this step is essential but I think it's a way to make yourself feel comfortable with wearing a dark shade. 
3. Keep everything else simple - In terms of wearing other make up, I would recommend keeping it relatively simple. I like to wear a winged liner still and heaps of mascara but no smokey eye. I still like to stay bronzed so I don't look too washed out by the lips but stay away from blush so there's no contrast between the two. 

Not too many things to keep in mind, but these tips will help you feel slightly more comfortable in an almost black lip. I think it's a really sexy, confident look and if you want to go for that Girl Power look then try this out! 

Jess xo

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