Hello Halloween...

It's that scary time of year again! Halloweeeen! If you're struggling with ideas for costumes then here are a few easy ones. 
Vampire - Probably the most obviously one but classic. Grab some stick some cheap stick on fangs frm your local fancy dress shop and fake blood, then you're pretty much good to go. You can wear whatever make up you want, I would recommend a heavy smokey eye and flawless skin, then pile on the fake blood like you've just had a human snack. 

Cat - Probably the easiest of all and super fun. I think you can really experiment with this look and really go to town with it. Whack out those heavy fake lashes and you'll look great. Everywhere sells cat ears so a really great late last idea for any fancy dress party. 

Skeleton - A little more tricky but looks amazing if you get it right. White face paint, black eyeliner and a black outfit is all you need. Relatively basic but very effective. Careful of your pores though, make sure you get every last bit off. 

Scary Doll - Check out inspiration photos for this, there are a tonne out there! This is actaully one of my favourites, that I've done and got some amazing reactions. I twisted it up with some bloody tears for extra spooky effect. Grab an old girly doll like dress for this one, rip it up and pour bloody over it to look like a murderous spooky doll.

Wednesday Addams - Finally this year, I wanted to go as a character, which can be risky because a lot of people probably won't know who you are, but who hasn't watched The Addams Family right? Pretty easy, just go for a heavy smokey eye, black of course. A black dress and a white collar, plait your hair and you're good to go. I had so many compliments on this and felt brill.

Hope this helped a few of you out, let me know what you dressed up as for Halloween!

Jess xo

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