Clinique All About Shadows in Black Honey - Review ...

It's no secret how much I love eye shadows. I keep everything else relatively simple and base but then I like to play around with lip colours and eye looks. Anyway, I've seen Anna from VDM rave about this for a while but finally I've caved and picked it up. I'm really into these red toned browns at the moment, I think they're a really easy one colour smokey eye, which looks effortless. I think this is by far my favourite right now. It's slightly different to anything else I own (very slightly) and looks really stunning of the lid and under the lash line. With a paint pot as a base this really locks in place and stays all day. I've swatched this on my hand with a paint pot underneath and then gone in the shower and it's stayed perfect. I absolutely love the packaging of this eye shadow too, it's sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all, the mirror is really great as well too, great for traveling. Now normally I don't even give the sponge applicators a go but for some reason I did with this clinique from and it's actually not bad. It's quite good for pressing colour on and then blending it out with a better brush. As I'm writing this I've already got a tab open of other shades of this shadow for my next purchase! 

Jess xo

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