Mac Satin Taupe eye shadow - Review

My Mac palette is filling up nicely but I fancied something a bit different in there so I thought I'd go with Satin Taupe! 

Pro palette refill in Satin Taupe - £10

I made sure I read a lot of reviews and recommendations about different Mac eye shadows  and thought this one was perfect! It's generally an all round great eye shadow, I think it would suit all skin tones and eye colours! Just like other Mac eye shadows, it's really pigmented and also blends really nicely too. 
I love wearing this all over the lid with sketch blended into the crease (which is a beautiful dark plumy purple) it's a lovely taupe colour with silver glitter running through it. This is definitely one of my favourites in my palette at the moment, it's really easy to wear and doesn't clash if you want to wear a more eye catching lip! I think will look amazing with a really dark purple lip! 

Really really this colour and is a definite must have for your Mac palette!

Jess xo

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