Small beuaty haul - Superdrug & Mac

I fancied treating myself to a few new things to take away to London for my 21st and who doesn't wanna look hot for a weekend away with the boyf?! 

Starting from the right I could not resist this absolute bargain! So the eylure natural fake eyelashes in 116 are my current everyday eyelashes, and you get a free pair inside! Oh wait, that's not all! They were also half price in Superdrug, so I bought four pairs for the normal price of one! Oh yeahh! 
Then going anti-clockwise I had to pick up some of my favourite dry shampoo that I seem to go through ridiculously quickly. Next some eyelash glue, although you always get some in the packs of eyelashes I always seem to loose it and can't find it when I need it also I thought I'd pick some up that I can just keep in my makeup bag and use the little ones to keep in my purse and pockets! 
Then onto the Eylure Nadine eyelashes which, as you might already know, are my favourite going out eyelashes, they look really full and I love the shape of them but they don't look massively fake! 
Underneath that is a Sleek matte me lipstick/gloss thing in Fandango Purple, I've had my eye on this for a long time but couldn't justify it to myself, but I thought I'd buy it for London, and so far I love it! I will be doing a review of it after I've tried it a few more times! 
Next I got a TRESemm√© Platinum Strength Monodose shot because I thought I'd also give my hair a little treat too! But to be honest I wasn't really impressed with it, I was expecting it to give my hair a injection of moisture but to be honest my hair felt really dry afterwards which is really strange for my hair type but I'm not sure if it was that or some other product that I put in but I have a feeling it was that! 
Then finally I treated myself to my first ever Mac lipstick! I decided to go for Rebel which is an incredible purple colour, I'm not going to do a close up of it because I'm going to be doing a review of it very soon and it can be a surprise if you guys don't know what colour it is! The smell is amazing and I really love the texture too! 

Hopefully I'll have a lot more time to blog from now on so I should be posting a lot more! Thanks for reading! 

Jess xo

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