Haul #3 - Mostly Topshop

I don't know what's wrong with me I'm completely addicted to Topshop, although I find myself complaining about ti being over priced constantly I still spend all my money there! 
I have no will power... 
I thought I'd do it a little different this time and show everything as whole outfits, so with other things that aren't new to show how I would wear them and make it a bit more interesting!

Topshop cami - £18
Topshop skirt - £36
Riverisland heels - (old)
Topshop Necklace -£5 (sale)
I couldn't resist this skirt when I saw it, it was around my birthday and I thought if I didn't wear it out then I could just wear it on Christmas day! I thought it would look cool casual throughout the day with thick tights and a t shirt or with a cami and heels for a night out! The sparkles really catch the light and look amazing, although my boyfriend does call it my tinsel skirt!  

Topshop riding pants - £32
Topshop top - £18
Topshop necklace - £2.50 (sale)

I've had my eye on the Topshop version of the riding pants for a while and I finally gave in! I thought they'd make a nice alternative to leggings or trousers! They're nice and thick, I love wearing them with tops tucked into them, also could dress these up or down with heels or flats. 
This top is also new, I wanted to get involved in the whole tartan trend and spotted this, I quite like wearing it with the sparkly skirt throughout the day with thick tights and boots!

Oh my love through Topshop dress - £35
Asos shoes - £17
I'm soooooo in love with this dress, I spotted in the Lincoln Topshop store when I was shopping with my mum and completely fell in love with it! My mum told me to get it but I didn't then couldn't stop thinking about it and eventually caved! I'm not normally a floral kind of girl but I thought this was a nice twist. I have been wearing it quite a lot, especially in the day with thick tights or my disco pant leggings because it is a little short for the day time. It is rather low cut because of the lace cleavage but I've been wearing a longer vest top underneath which makes it more day appropriate! Whack on a cardi too to make it wintery!    

 Oh my love through Asos dress - £35
Boohoo Leopard print wedges - £10 (old and sale) 
So I also bought it in black for my birthday night out! They're both really lovely fits if you feel a bit insecure about your tummy, like me, then these aren't tight but are still very flattering around your bust! I really love both of these dresses! I've been wearing them both loads and am very tempted to get another one in a tartan print!

Just going to give the brand Oh My Love some love! I've now bought a few things from there over the last few years and been really chuffed with everything, I have big boobs and often I feel like a lot of small brands like this one don't cater towards that which I thought would be the same with Oh My Love. Although they only sell things in sizes XS, S, M, L, I always get a L and they are a really nice fit and the material stretches  nicely without disturbing the pattern! Will definitely be buying more from them!
 Topshop Black and Blue camis - £18
Topshop snake print - £26

Got to love these Topshop camis! You can wear them with anything and they always look like you've made an effort! Really really love these, I've put a couple of my Christmas list and definitely got my eye on the burgundy one!

 Top left going clockwise 
Topshop silver spike necklace - £5(sale)
Topshop oil slick chain - £5(sale)
Topshop gold necklace - £2.50(sale)
Topshop locket - £2.50(sale)

I went a little crazy in the Topshop jewellery sale but I really fancied having some new statement necklaces!  

 Topshop bag - £32

This was such an impulse buy and to be honest, I don't even really like it very much, I wish I'd taken my time and chosen a nicer one! Although that being said, I've been using it everyday and it'll do fine until I buy a nicer one!
 Topshop purse - £18

I really really needed a new purse because my old one was literally falling apart and this one looked perfect! It's big enough to hold all of my junk but small enough to fit in any of my clutches or small bags! My mum absolutely adores this purse and think I'm probably going to have to get her it for Christmas! 

Asos rucksack - £28
 Finally I picked up this rucksack from Asos for my trip to London! I've never owned a backpack before but thought it would be perfect for traveling especially if I pop home for a weekend! I really really love this colour tartan and think it looks really classic and will hopefully last me years!
It's really sturdy and makes carrying heavy things round a lot eaiser! 

Hope you enjoy my latest haul, will probably do another one soon because I can't help myself!

Jess xo


  1. oh my gosh, topshop envy going on! i absolutely love the riding pants and the floral dress and all of the jewellery you picked up! soooo nice, i am very jealous :-)



    1. Haha I literally can't help myself! If I'm like waiting for my next lecture or something I think "hmmm I'll just have a look in Topshop" and then I always end up buying something!
      Thanks! :)
      Jess xo