Sally Hansen dry kwik - Review

Sally Hansen Dry Kwik - £2.99

I feel like I'm forever hunting for a quick dry top coat, I know there are loads of good ones about but I like trying different ones out to see how they compare. I bought this from B&M home actually so I wasn't expecting it to be the greatest but I was skint and it was cheap. It's actually an oil, you paint it over the top of your nail varnish and then massage the oil into your cuticles which is quite a nice treatment as well. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this, it obviously doesn't make it dry instantly but it is dramatically quicker and great for how cheap it was. 
The only thing I would say I don't like about this is the fact that it is an oil so it doesn't make your nails shiny so you would have to apply a clear topcoat as well too, which is annoying if you're in a rush. 
I probably won't buy this again, just because I like to try a few out and I want one that's actually a top coat instead of an oil but I would recommend this because it's still really good.

Jess xo

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