I did some more shopping - Beauty edition

So I have been very naughty again and went into boots and bought way, way too much!
To be fair, I bought a lot of things that I've needed and wanted for a long time, so here goes...
Bastiste dry shampoo - £3.49 Tangle teaser - £9.99 Denman dog brush - £4.29 White Glow toothpaste - £3.99 So? kiss me perfume -(currently) £5.24 Nivea in shower skin conditioner - £2.56 L'oreal elvive leave in conditioner - £5.99
First up hair and body.
I have really long hair and brushing it can be painful and quite stressful so I invested in a tangle teaser, I've heard so many good things about them and it's apparently a 'must have' for long hair. I'm really glad I got this, I use it in the shower and just to brush my hair in general and it makes it so much less painful! Also, it's sparkly purple, what's not to like?!
I also bought a 'dog brush' because apparently they're great for back combing, I didn't really need this but it somehow slipped into my basket but it is great for back combing. 
Bastiste dry shampoo for brunettes is a complete must have, I use it everyday and really love it. 
I got the white glo toothpaste which is really nice toothpaste, I've done so much research into cheap tooth whitening and this is one of the only things I've tried that really does make a difference, it not like a massive difference, but it does make quite an effective difference so I thought I'd get it again. I'll do a review on this soon.
I really wanted some perfume but nothing too expensive, just something to spray on on the go, so i thought I'd try the So? Kiss me perfume, I remember absolutely loving this in the body spray version when I was about 15 and I still really love the smell of this and it was on special offer.
I tried a sample of the Nivea in shower body conditioner and really liked it, I try to moisturize everyday after I've had a shower and then tan but some times there's just not enough time and this is perfect, so I bought the full size and I'm loving it, I'll also be doing a review on this soon too.
Finally, I always use a leave in conditioner, it helps with the tangles and gives my hair some extra moisture, I had ran out of my Dove one and they didn't have it in the Boots I was in so I thought I'd try this one. So far I really like it but I want to try it out more before doing a review.

Real Techniques brushes - £21.99 Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks - £5.49 Urban Decay make up setting spray - £19.50 Revlon nearly naked foundation - £8.99 Max Factor lip stain - £6.99 L'oreal eyeliner - £6.99 Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner - £3.99
Make up time...
Firstly the Real Techniques brushes, everyone loves these and they've got a great reputation, I already have most of the face ones and thought I'd give the eye ones a go, didn't really need them but oh well. So far I really like these too.
Urban Decay you're too addictive! I've tried this setting spray before and I really like it so I thought I'd buy a new one because I've left my other one at my uni house which is annoying! But I've been craving it now the weather is humid and I hate feeling like my make up is melting off my face, this is great for making make up last and refreshing your face throughout the day.
Next lip products, I did buy three of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks but I couldn't find one of them. I bought the colours, 22, 110, and 20 all bright summery colours. 22 is a classic really bright red, 110 is a lovely bright corally matte shade and 20 is a bright bright pink. I love the Kate Moss lipsticks so that's always the first place I got for a new lipstick. I also got the Soap and Glory Sexy mother pucker lipgloss in clear to apply over any colour lipstick.
Now it's summer I wanted to buy a lighter foundation, in my opinion there's nothing worse than feeling like your foundation is too heavy and melting, so I thought I'd try the Revlon nearly naked foundation in Natural Beige, I haven't used it very much yet but so far I like it, it's nice and light but still has good coverage.
Whoops, another lipstick product, I absolutely love this Max Factor lip stain in 06, it's a lovely red, really teething whitening colour and lasts really well on me. This is actually my third one, I have really bad luck with these and have lost the other two which is really annoying when they're not the cheapest. 
Another L'oreal super liner, but it's not the black lacquer one, thought I'd try this one instead of my normal one and so far I'm really not impressed but I'm going to see if I can work with it. 
Finally I bought a Rimmel waterproof eyeliner in nude, makes your eyes look bigger.
Ted Baker make up bag - £10
I also bought this super cute make up bag! I needed a new make up bag as mine was really shitty!
Jess xo


  1. This is an amazing haul :D I love everything. I so want to try the Urban Decay Spray, my makeup barely lasts in this sticky weather xxxx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. You have to get it, it's really nice!!!

      Jess xo

  2. Great post! I love Batiste dry shampoo! :)

    Kelly xo


  3. I'm after a cheap whitening product too. I'm currently using a gum shield type one but a toothpaste would be so much easier! I like the sound of the make-up setter too, I definitely need to try something like that. Great post. :)

    Heather xx


    1. Thank you :)
      Yeaaa, hey're definitely both worth trying! The Urban Decay setting spray is expensive but definitely worth it! :)

      Jess xo

  4. Where did you find a Ted Baker make-up bag for £10?! :O xx

    1. It was only from my local boots! Not in the sale or anything!
      Jess xo