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A few months ago I decided to subscribe to Company magazine and often when you just a subscription service they will gift you with a few things from a certain brand. I'm normally not really drawn to Bourjois, I tried some of their products but nothing to really form an opinion of so I thought this would the perfect way to try some of their stuff out! 

Bourjois Color Edition 24hr eyeshadow £6.99 - I was given the colours Merveille d'argent which is a really pretty glittery silver, not normally a colour I would choose, and Prune Nocturne which is a plummy cranberry shade. I've tried a lot of cream eye shadows recently and I'm a real fan of them, these are slightly different to any I've tried, they are really thin and almost like a cream to powder finish. I've tried them with and without shadow over the top and I'm not in love with them but I do like them. They stay relatively well either way but they definitely don't last 24 hours, I think that's a bit of a stupid claim for brand to make but I understand that it's for promotion. I do think there are better versions out there and similar colour from other brands, especially for £6.99. I'm not disappointed with these but I'm not impressed either, I will continue you to use these for eyeshadow bases. The only bad point I can think of with these is that they stick a massive stick to prevent it from being opened but it is also a nightmare to get off when it's yours! The packaging is plastic and feel a bit cheap compared to the Mac and Maybelline cream shadows.

Bourjois Beauy'full Volume Dark Kohl Mascara £7.99 - Now, let's just take a minute to look at the brush! It looks like a murder weapon and at first I was very reluctant to put it anywhere near my eyes, but once again I wasn't massively impressed, it's a decent mascara but nothing special. It doesn't smudge at all which is great, but I don't think it really gives that much volume or length, however I've really been loving it for bottom lashes, the spikey end bit makes it perfect to get into those corners. I do think the packaging is really cute though! 

Bourjois Mega Liner Dark Black £7.49 - Bourjois are really into their funky applicators and I'm really sure how something can be described as dark black but hey ho! This is one of the better products in this collection, the applicator shape makes it really easy to create the perfect wing, but it does take some getting use to, especially for getting a thin line in the inner corner but if you like a thicker line then this is definitely for you! This is a really black formula and applies without dragging or pulling your eye lid, I've had this for a while now and it still hasn't really dried out which is impressive for a pen type of eyeliner. I thought I was going to hate it when I first opened it but I actually really like it! 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick £7.99 - I got this is Beige Trench 02, this is a browny pink toned nude, not my usual shade of nude and I'm not completely sure it suits me but I've been trying it out anyway. It is a very thick formula of lipstick and isn't particularly glossy or matte, somewhere in between. Again, not massively impressed, the formula is alright, wears evenly and is quite long lastin, I definitely don't think it's worth £7.99, all of the new Rimmel lipsticks from any collection are so much better, so I would personally choose one of them over this range. They do have some nice shades that I've got my eye on but I'm probably not going to spend £7.99 on them when other brands do better and similar ones. 
Bourjois 1 seconde gel nail polish £5.99 -  Finally, my definite fave of the bunch! I was given the colour Violine Hypnotique which is a really incredible unique colour, it's a plummy red with a gold metallic shimmer running through it, not very summery but I haven't been able to get this off my nails for the month (I have been able to take it off I just keep reapplying!) It's on of those gel formula ones and I'm really impressed, this is probably the best version of gel nails I've tried! I love it! It lasted on me a full week without chipping and that was only a few small chips that weren't even noticeable to the untrained eye! I think this must be from and Winter or Christmas collection because I haven't seen it stocked in shops but they have it on the Bourjois website. The only silly bad point with this product is that the name is really unclear, it's super small and isn't clear that it's the colour name at all which made it difficult to find it on any websites but that's not really important.

Over all, I think Bourjois are decent, I think they over charger for their product, most of the packaging feels a bit plastic and cheap, where as Relvon who are in the same price band, have amazing packaging. I'm not sure I'd actually repurchase anything, maybe the eye liner but there are also very similar products for cheaper out there! I do love their nail polishes though, I think they always bring out great seasonal shade ranges and the formulas are great. I do want to try some of their other products out though, like their Java Rice Powder and their Chanel Bronzer dupe! 

Jess xo

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