Re-loving Topshop Dark Knight ...

Topshop Dark Knight - £5

There comes a time in (almost) every girls life where they feel like they own every nail polish colour ever created. Okay, okay, it might just be me, but I've been feeling so uninspired. Which normally just means I need to go round my local Boots and grab a few new colours, but for weeks and weeks now I haven't seen anything in the shops that's really grabbed my eye. In times like this, it's time to sort through and and chuck anything that gone funny or you never use. While doing this I found my beloved Dark Knight. Probably the most beautiful glitter polish I've ever laid my eyes on. I've already reviewed it here so I won't go on about it too much but I just thought I'd re-share it with you all. If you ever get the opportunity to get this or something similar grab it, it's so stunning on. I get so so many compliments when I wear this and I've been wearing it to death recently. 
Wear Barry M's Blue Grape underneath to create a more opaque look and apply a glossy top coat for a gel looking finish. 

Jess xo

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