Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye Shadow - Review...

I never thought I'd try these out again to be honest. I remember my mum having one of these when I was younger and she probably still does have it. I remember them being ridiculously glittery with not much colour pay off and just chunky glitter pieces. However, I saw this in  my local Boots and I fell in love with the shade. I actually swatched it, left and then had to go back later because I couldn't stop staring at the left over swatch on my hand. It's not glittery like some of the other shades in this collection but it's just really pretty, it's a really bronzey gold. Perfect all year round, especially for a bronzed summer eye, which is my favourite look at the moment. It's not massively pigmented, like it takes a couple of applications to get a good colour pay off, but then that also means that you don't end up with any fall down because the eye shadow isn't crumbly at all. I really like the packaging, I think the little pot is really cute and it comes with a little sponge applicator inside which I think is really cute, not that I ever use them. I think it's quite an expensive product for one eye shadow, but you do actually get a lot in the pot and personally I think I'll probably never use the whole thing, so I'll never need to repurchase but we shall see. 
There's nothing better than something that you thinking is going to be crap, being the opposite. I'm actually really tempted to try ou more of the glittery ones in this collection now, I just wish they had some more shades in this range, but I shall let you know. 

Jess xo

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