Soap & Glory Kiss Ass Powder - Review ...

I'm sure you've heard of this product, it's raved about in the beauty community and as usual I'm late on the band wagon. I can definitely understand the hype surrounding this product, sometimes I think everyone gets caught up in the launches and ideas of new products which sometimes clouds their judgement. Anyway, I love this powder, I have oily skin so a powder is a must have for me on a day to day basis. I've tried a few cheapist powders and they've mostly been a bit crap and not given me the protection against oils that I desire. This is a light transparent yellow toned powder which makes foundation last longer and also gives you a mattified look. It's great for hot weather like this because it helps prevent that melting make up feeling which I personally think is the worst! Although I do think this is rather expensive for a powder I would say it's worth it, I've used it tonnes too and it hasn't really gone down too much. A must have for oily yellow toned skin! 

Jess xo

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