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I think sometimes it's much more interesting to layer up necklaces, it can show a bit of your personality without being too in your face. I like the idea that not everyone can see the details of your necklace and they almost have to have a second or closer look. I've really been having a major girl crush on Claire Marshall recently, I love her laid back LA style and she's super hot! She always has on a couple of layered necklaces, really funky ones (that I can't bloody find anywhere to copy her!) I picked up most of these from Topshop although the two in the bottom right corner are from a little internet shop called Deadsea Jewellery which do really nice pieces but for a fraction of the price of most high street shops. 
Then I also picked up some earrings from Topshop, I was after some for my graduation ball because I was having my hair in like a half hair up do and wanted something in my ears that weren't too much especially because I didn't want it to clash too much with my necklace. 
Topshop Pack of Necklaces - £10ish (not available anymore)

Topshop Earrings - £5ish

Jess xo 

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