Topshop, asos, etc haul.

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to do any more shopping but I literally cannot help myself! I actually have a problem.

First up shoes and we'll start with my favourite bargain...

Matalan - £11 (sale).

I am completely in love with these, they were the last pair in Matalan and were only in a size three which was perfect because that's my size! I love having small feet because I always get the left over ones in the sale! Mwhaha! 

  Asos - £17.99

I've wanted a pair of loafers for so long and because of how nice the weather is I bought some from New Look but through Asos, they are really nice quality, like I could imagine them lasting a long time, they aren't very comfy at the moment but I'm sure they just need bedding in. 

 Miss Selfridge - £75

I'm not sure whether I've shown these already but I love these so much I thought I'd show them again. They are literally the best boots in the world, I'm completely in love with these! They are so comfy and the cut outs make them really airy and not too hot in the summer. I really like the look of little dresses and skirts with bare legs and ankle boots. Also, I'm going to get so much wear out of these, because of the cut outs I can wear these in the summer and then just whack some thick socks on with them in the winter. 

Vest - Topshop £16, Skirt - Topshop - £34

 I bought both of these of a whim, I just had a bit of extra money in my bank and just feel like treating myself so I went on the Topshop website and ordered a few things. 
I do already have this vest in a blue and white colour and I love it but never know what to wear with it because of the colour of it, so I bought it in black because black goes with everything! I've worn this so much already it literally goes with everything, it can be dressed up and dressed down. It's such a flattering cut and the scalloped trim at the bottom is a really lovely little touch, also the front of the vest has a a black layer underneath but the back is a see through lace which looks lush, especially with a tan!
Welcome to the family new Topshop skirt, how predictable! It wouldn't be a haul from me if it didn't involve a Topshop A line skirt would it now? I dread the day when my hauls no longer feature any topshop skirts... 
Anyway, this is really nice because it's actually denim and has little pockets as well which is really sweet. I actually bought this in the tall section and no, not because I'm tall but just because I wanted to make sure it would be long enough so that I wouldn't feel like my bum was out all the time like another one I have and also they generally have a tendency to ride up a little bit sometimes so I wanted to be safe, especially because it's not any more expensive even though they use for material. 
I pretty much always pair these two items together even though the skirt has navy stripes in it but I need to experiment a little bit more. 

Topshop skirt - £10 (sale) 
Riverisland - Top (not new)
This top isn't new but I just wanted to pair them together because it looks cute but the skirt is new. I bought it in the Topshop sale, the only thing I actually got in the sale but it's quite unusual and not like something I've already got. It's a thick body con skirt with a zip up the back and textured, and has two panels down the side that are longer than the front, if that makes sense. 
I just thought it was an interesting twist of a average body con skirt. I should of really got it in a smaller size but they only had it in one size, it still fits nicely just when it stretches after wearing it for a while it doesn't look as nice. I will do an outfit of the day in it to properly show how it looks on soon. 

 Topshop shorts - £36
I also got these shorts which I have wanted for so so so long, they are a PU material which a really cool quilting detail all over. I've wanted like leather look shorts for ages but none of them have really taken my fancy until I saw these, they are really flattering on and really comfy too. 
Excuse the messy room please.
The only problem with shorts is that because the lining it really silky they ride up quite a lot which can be really irritating! 

Asos dress - £15

I was never really sure about this cold shoulder trend after after seeing Lily Melrose looking great in a cut out shoulder I thought I've got to give that ago and bought this dress from Asos. I'm really looking the over sized t shirts worn as dresses as well in summer, they are so effortless but can look quite dressed up with the right accessories. Anyway, this is really nice, it's from the Asos savvy style collection which I often buy from, the only thing is it is very cheaply made and not the best quality but for £15 you can't really expect anything more, it's a really flattering shape, tight in the right places but baggy in the right places as well. I'm really tempted to get this in some other colours too. 

Socks - Topshop

Then I just picked up some socks in summery colours and to wear with my cut out boots. The glittery ones were in the sale and the rest were 3 for £8. I would say a girl can never have too many socks but I've recently had to throw out like 100 pairs because I had three drawers full and condensed it down to one!
I've got a feeling this is everything I bought but I'll save anything I've forgotten for the next haul. 
Hope you enjoy this post and I would love to know how you would style any of these pieces.  

Jess xo


  1. so jealous of those miss selfridge boots!


  2. I love the loafers- I definitely need to get some!

  3. Hi!

    How do you find the sizing for ASOS?
    Is it true to their sizes?

    There are a pair of skinny jeans and a regular fit shirt I want from ASOS and it's going to be the first time for me buying clothing there. I am always between a size 8 and a 10 so I've hit an impasse :(

    Y-OONYEE [click here]

    1. Heyyyyy,
      Errmmm I think their sizing is pretty true to size, I personally haven't tried jeans from there but I've heard good things about them. I always go for a size up because I like a baggy fit but with jeans I'm not sure. You can always order one in each size because it's free returns!
      Let me know what you decide! :)

      Jess xo