Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers

I know these have been out for a long time and everyone really loves them and I have actually already done a post one the first one I got but I've just bought two more and I thought I'd show them off.

I have the colours stellar, apocalyptic and  big bang, they are all very bright eye catching colours and not for the faint hearted! They are basically liquid lipsticks with are very light and don't cling to dry patches on your lips, they just glide over them if you haven't had time to use a scrub before hand. They last all day, through eating, drinking and kissing, however they do transfer which the boyfriend was not too pleased about!

 This is the colour big bang and it probably the brightest red I've ever seen and definitely in my collection! Although it's super bright, it's a really flattering shade and I think it really would suit any skin tone!

 This is the colour Apocalyptic and is another really bright shade, it's a cooler toned bright pink. I can imagine this looking amazing on a really pale person I think it would really compliment that skin tone.

 This last one is stellar which is still quite bright but no where near as bright as the other two, I wear this colour most in the day to add a lovely pop of colour especially in these summer days.

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers  - £5.99
They are all super duper pigmented and can be layered up to create amazing colours, they can also be blotted down to create a subtler creamy colour and they never feel drying which is a really nice quality of them. I really love the packaging as well, I think it's quirky, really cool and definitely memorable which I'm sure is what Rimmel was trying to achieve. Well done Rimmel once again you've wowed us all with your products!
If you really want to make them pop and last even longer and better than apply a lip liner first and it really makes a difference.
I really think these are great for the money, they have a little doe foot applicator which is really easy to use and applies just the perfect amount of product for both your lips but then obviously you can layer it up too. They've really easy just to throw in your clutch before you go out but be warned, take a little mirror out with you as well so they you can check for any cheeky smudges just in case. 

I absolutely love these and I'm planning to try out some more, I want them to bring out a really bright orange one, or maybe some ones with some shimmer in as well, because all of these ones do not have any shimmer in at all. I'm going to try one of the nude ones next to see if they're just as good as they bright coloured ones and I shall let you know! 

Jess xo

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