Nadine eyelure fake eyelashes

For me, fake eyelashes are an absolute must have for a night out and sometimes I'll even wear them in the day when I'm feeling glam! I did buy like a pack of 40 from eBay a yearish ago but I've used them all up now, so went back to these because I really liked them before.
Firstly lets start with the band, it's really light and thin which is really good, not the thinest I've used but for the price, it's fine and because I always wear eyeliner so you can't even see the line anyway. 
I really really like the shape and style of these ones, I like them to look eye catching but not too heavy and don't make my eyes look smaller. These are really nice because always they are quite voluminous the actual hairs are still quite thin so they are quite fluttery. 
The glue that it comes with is really strong, but comes off with a little bit of water which is handy, but not so much when you've gotten a little too drink and emotional! 
They are also really easy to apply and I would recommend for fake eyelash newbies because they aren't awkward and don't flick up all the time, if that makes sense. 

I was planning on taking a photo of what they look like on because they're really pretty but I was in a rush and completely forgot when I was getting ready to go out, but they are reusable so when I next wear them I will try and remember to take a snap of what they look like on. 

What's your favourite pair of fake eyelashes? I would love to try your recommendations?

Jess xo  

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