My Mac Eyeshadows - So far...

I've recently depotted all my Mac eyeshadows and out them in a recently purchased Mac palette. 

I know I haven't completely filled my palette but I'll probably do another post when I have done, but that could be months, a year or even longer. 

Anyway, lets get started...

Mythology is a really lovely pinky shimmery gold with a hint of orange, I love the way this looks on blue eyes! This one is lustre but to be honest, I don't really know the actual differences so if someone wants to explain, I would really appreciate it. Mac describes it as a copper.

Next up is Mulch, which is a velvet. This is a really wearable light browny gold with shimmer, I think this colour is just perfection and looks great on all eye colours! It's especially great for eyeshadow newbies. Really lovely all over the lid on it's own or with a crease colour too. Mac describes it as a red-brown with bronze pearl.

Bronze is a true brown but on the cooler scale, it also has gold shimmer through it. I think this looks really nice on all eye colours as well and easy to wear. However, this one gives a lot of fall down which can be annoying but it just makes having to do your foundation afterwards.
Mac describes it as a gold brown  with gold-bronze shimmer.

Next is Twinks , which is the first Mac eye shadow I ever bought. It's more of a purpley brown but it still has a hint of gold shimmer through it. Mac describes it as a deep plum with pearl.

Antiqued is one of my favourites at the moment, I just wear it all over the lid, under the eye and really smoke it out. It's a more coppery brown, it's great for creating that Cara Delevingne smokey eye which I love! Described by Mac as an Ash brown with bronze.

This one is Star violet which is from the Venomous Villains collection and I actually bought this from someone. Unfortunately I really damaged this one when I was depotting it into my palette which is gutting but at least there's still plenty left! This is a browny pinky purple and looks great on brown eyes, I love purple tones on brown eyes as you can probably tell by my palette!

Hepcat is stunning and really bright, it is a little scary but looks incredible! I bought this after seeing Pixiwoo do Sammi from Beauty Crush's make up and used this! Here's the video.
I haven't used this as much as I would like but I'm going to force myself!

Sketch is a lovely deep purple, I thought it was matte but when in the light it has teeny weeny particles of shimmer in. Love this in the crease with any base colour. Mac describes it as a burgundy with red shimmer. Haven't tried it all over the lid but I'm sure it'll be lovely.

Beauty Marked is the love of my life! It's so so beautiful and is my 'go to' night out eye shadow! It looks incredible all over the lid with fake lashes for a really dramatic look! It's just perfection.
Mac describes it as black-red with sparkle pearl, but I would describe it as a blacky grey with plenty of purple glitter, so that would it catches the light you can really see the purple!

Smut is a deep grey great for a crease colour, I don't use this as much as I would like because I don't really know how to use it other than in the crease.
Mac describes it as a muted black with red shimmer.

All the Mac shadows I have tried have been really lovely and really pigmented! I am completely addicted to swatching them and buying them, can't wait to fill my palette. Refills are £10, the pots are £12 and the palette was £19.50 I think all together, which is pretty expensive but probably worth it!

If there's any colours you think I would like I would love to hear your reccomendations!

Jess xo

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