Sleek lipstick in smother - review

I'm really in loving with dark lips, even in this weather! I just think they look so chic and striking.

I really love these sorts of colours and they really make your teeth look white. I know I should save colours like this for winter but there's something about being really tanned with dark lipstick I really like. 
This is a really dark deep plumy pink with a hint of red, the formula of the Sleek sheen lipsticks is really glossy and quite sheer but really build able to create a really pigmented lip look. I really love this lipstick but with all the Sleek lipsticks I've tried they do need maintenance throughout the day, they don't wear evenly and smudge very easily, so I only wear it on occasions where I can keep an eye on it! However, it's not going to stop me from trying out anymore of their lipsticks and really want to try one of their matte ones to see how they differ. I absolutely love the Sleek packaging with all of their products just so simple but classic! 


Jess xo

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  1. Read your comment on my blog, happy I've inspired someone to try a product out and that you like it! :D Followed you back x