17 Lip Lustres - Review.

Normally I'm not really a lip gloss girl, I prefer a lipstick to a gloss, although I do like a glossy lipstick, ha! I just seem to reach more for lipsticks, but I was in Boots and these instantly caught my eyes!

 Left - Talk that talk 
Right - Kiss the stars
Both - £3.99

I got the two shades talk that talk and kiss the stars. Talk that talk is a stunning peach gloss with gold glitter in it, my favourite out of the two and Kiss the stars is a nudey pink with silver and pink glitter in it's more opaque where as the other one is more sheer. They are both quite thick glosses and sticky which is really annoying on a windy day but these just look so stunning on that I put up with it. 
They both have doe foot applicators which apply a nice amount or you can layer them up to create a really eye catching kissable look. My boyfriend absolutely hates these but he hates anything that's sticky when he kisses me and then they get all over his lips which I find really amusing!   
In terms of lasting power these do really well, they definitely last for a good few hours and then leave your lips looking really glittery without the glossy look which I don't really like the look off but I just make sure I reapply before it gets to that stage. However, they do wear evenly and don't cling to any dry patches which is great when you've forgotten to scrub your lips! 

I have been wearing these on nights out and they looking incredible in photos, definitely gives you the "porn star lips" look, which if I'm honest I sometimes quite like!
These are the most glittery from the range, they also do some with less glitter in and some without any in which I want to try next, I've got my eye on a red one! 
Any glitter lovers out there these are perfect and with such a cheap price tag they are definitely worth checking out!

Jess xo

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