Sally Hansen dry kwik nail colour dryer - Review

Sally Hansen dry kwik nail colour dryer - £2.99
Personally I think quick dry top coats are one of the best things ever invented! They're so handy if you're on the go, for nail art or if you've just applied really thick coats of polish. 
This one however, is a bit different rather than being a top coat it's actually an oil that you paint onto your nails after painting them with your desired colour and after you've used it you can rub the rest of the oil into your cuticles which is a really nice factor. I actually bought this from B&M home so I'm not actually sure where you can buy this normally but I'm sure you can probably find it on the internet somewhere if you fancy getting it. 
It definitely makes your nail varnish dry dramatically quicker and definitely does work for what you want if for. However, I will not be repurchasing this because I personally prefer quick drying top coats rather than an oil because I like it to add extra shine to your nails, but this is great if you're wearing a matte polish and you want it to stay matte but to dry quick! 
For how cheap it is it's definitely a great quick drying oil and I would recommend it for someone who wants to see how they would get on with a quick drying top coat without going too expensive!

Jess xo


  1. Hello sweet! I wanted to try this, never knew that it was an oil though? Straaange.. Worth a try at £2.99 though, especially when we're in a rush!

    Lovely blog xx

    1. Hello! Yeahhh it is good but strange haha!
      Thank you :)
      Jess xo