L'oreal colour infallible eyeshadows - Review

I've seen these around for ages but I've only just been interested in them for some reason. They have such a lovely range of colours and are available in the US and UK.

I bought two from Amazon for a lot cheaper in burning black and endless chocolate, I probably have so many colours like this but I couldn't help myself.

 L'oreal colour infallible eyeshadows - £6.99
These are basically powder pigments but they have a little stopper that keeps them compact which is really handy and keeps them tidy. 
Burning black is lovely dark purple, very similar to Mac's beauty marked eye shadow, it looks really purple in the pot but when blended out on the eye it look black/dark grey with a deep purple tint, it looks really beautiful when it catches the light. I have worn this all over the lid and just blended into the crease which a goldy brown all over the lid. 
Endless chocolate is a lovely chocolate brown really compliments brown eyes and I can imagine it looking amazing on green eyes. I've been wearing this a lot all over the lid in the day and adding some fake lashes for the evening. 
These eye shadows are really really pigmented, some of the most pigmented eye shadows I've used actually. They actually last really well too, I've tried them without a primer and they last quite well but 10 times longer with a base, I've used the urban decay primer potion or some sort of paint pot which work really well. 
I've seen some really lovely shades that I'm going to be getting soon I think, like Amber rush, they have mostly the same colours in Boots or Superdrug but if you look around on the internet you can find some different ones, like I have never seen Burning black in the shops but found it on Amazon for a lot cheaper than in the shops. I got both of these for a couple of pounds each from Amazon but some are only £1.50 from fragrance direct (link here) so it's definitely worth having a look around on the net first. 
I would definitely recommend these, they're really blended and extremely pigmented, how ever they sometimes give quite a lot of fall down so be careful about that and definitely do not loose the stopper because they just go back into pigments and become very messy. 

Jess xo


  1. I wish I was brave enough to wear such dark colours! They look nice :)


    1. Ohhhh I sure they would suit you! Try little bits at a time! :)
      Jess xo

  2. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you'd wear this!
    I have loved flicking through your posts, so much so that I have nominated you for a Liebster award :)
    The link to my questions is here :
    I look forward to reading your answers :)
    KR x

  3. lovely review, thank you for sharing! burning black is such a pretty colour♡

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