Possible Mac dupe?

I'm forever on the hunt for a good dupe, as I'm sure most beauty addicts are! Mac's Beauty Marked is by far the most beautiful eye shadow I've ever laid eyes on and such an unusual shade so I was so excited when I spotted this beauty. The possible is is one of  L'oreal's infallible eyes pressed pigments in Burning Black, I ordered this on a whim from Amazon because I fancied trying some of these pressed pigments, I don't know if they sell these in the UK store because I've personally never seen this particular shade in Boots or Superdrug but it was easy enough to order from Amazon and I think it was a little bit cheaper than shops too. Although one is a pressed pigment and one is an eye shadow they feel very very similar to touch and apply! Burning Black appears, in the pan, to be a lot more purple when swatched they are almost identical, they are both dark greyish blacks shot with pinky red shimmer through them.
Both of these shadows look incredible on the lid especially for a night out with a nude lip! I really feel special and glam when I wear these out at night and have had countless compliments from friends and strangers on a night out. The purpley shimmer really catches the light beautifully, especially under club lights. 
I absolutely adore these and would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone, although purple might not be your colour I would definitely recommend reconsidering!

What do you think?

Jess xo

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