Another Amazing Lip Combo ...

 Mac Lipgloss in Floating Lotus - £17
Mac Lipstick in Coral Biss - £15.50

I'm normally really into bright lip colours but recently I've been opting for a more subtler sheer wash of colour for a prettier look. I've recently picked up these two from Mac and have fallen head over heels with them. Mac lipsticks are really pigmented which is normally great but when you're hunting for a sheer hint of colour it can be difficult to find something suitable. Anyway, after doing plenty of research I picked this one called Coral Bliss which was from a collection called Cremesheen and Pearl which is where my beloved Peach Blossom is from. I also spotted this lipgloss in the same collection which I have my eye on for ages so thought it was about time it joined my Mac family. Floating Lotus is a touch more pink than Coral Bliss but I think they look amazing together. The lipgloss is so beautiful that I think it would compliment anything you put underneath. It's a really pretty combo is you've gone quite heavy on the eyes and just want something quite neutral but not a nude. It's also really pretty just for a every day easy glossy lip. The gloss isn't sticky at all and it's a really comfortable combo, it doesn't feel heavy on your lips at all, it doesn't last as long as a matte formula would do but it's easy to maintain. 

Jess xo


  1. Great post, this combo looks gorgeous on the lips, I'm personally not a fan of glosses myself, but I think I may add MACs Coral Bliss onto my shopping list;
    Keep it up lovely, xx

    1. Oh and I'm now following you on Bloglovin xx