Another Easy Heel ...

 Primark Heels - £12 (I think). 

Primark are absolutely on point with their shoes at the moment. I'm not normally a fan of Primark, I don't really have the time to go into town shopping a lot so most things I get online and most of the time I cannot be arsed with Primark's business. Anyway, I was in there at the weekend and I saw these shoes that I'd fallen in love with months ago but regretfully didn't get. So I spotted on my most recent trip and I grabbed them. They aren't super high but they are classy and beautiful. I wear a lot of black, so having bright heels is the best way to incorporate colour into my style. I also think coral goes well with a lot of colours, like it clashes but in a good way. I have a coral necklace that is an exact match which makes an outfit look a little more chic. They are so so easy to walk in and I've been wearing them everyday to give me some extra height and elegance.  

Jess xo

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