So I did some shopping - Fashion edition.

I have been very naughty shopping wise over the last month or so, so I thought I would share it with you. I fancy a Spring/Summer wardrobe update but I went a little over board! Whoopsie!
Primark pearl collar - £5
Primark black tee - £3.50
Boohoo leopard print wedges - £10 - Sale
Topshop neon orange lace skirt - £40
I've worn this whole outfit a few times and I love it! I feel so good in it! It's definitely my favourite outfit at the moment, I'll often swap the wedges for some ankle boots, whack on some tights and a leather jacket for a daytime look.
Topshop white floral top - £26
Asos skater skirt - £16
I think I got a bit carried away with skater skirts this season, this is the first of three I've purchased, all very similar but I don't think you can have too many! I think skater skirts are one of the most flattering shapes, skimming all the lumps and bumps!
I bought this top the day it came in the Topshop store and my friend made me take her back the next day so she could buy it and they were already sold out, it's a big floaty shape and at first I didn't think it was a very nice fit on me, because I have big boobs I thought it just looked a bit frumpy, but I came out of the changing rooms and bought it anyway but I'm sooooo glad I did in the end, it's looks lush with something super tight on bottom, probably wouldn't wear it with this skirt but they look nice paired together.
Asos sheer black top - £15
Primark belt - £3.50
Asos skater skirt - £16
I saw this outfit on a model on the Asos website and couldn't help myself, so I bought the whole thing! Ooops! But to be fair it was only £31 for the skirt and top and I was going out that week and didn't know what to wear so I can justify it to myself!
Shirt from mono boutique in Lincoln - £21
This was from a little boutique in Lincoln but the tag says it's from Glamorous so they might still have it. I fell completely in love with this shirt the first time I saw it and went back the next day to get it, it's a lovely fit and so eye catching!
 Topshop lace shorts - £22
I thought these were a bargain from Topshop for only £22 and they are soooo cute! I normally stay well away from shorts because I feel super self conscious in them but these look like a skirt anyway and fit really nicely! I don't wear these very much because I can never find the right top to wear with them.
I've ordered a few other pieces but I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep them yet but I'm sure I'll post about them if I end up falling in love with them.
What do you think of these items? How would you wear them?
Jess xo

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