Feeling fringey...

So I have always had a side fringe, I'm just of those people who doesn't suit not having a fringe of some sort, which is strange because I have such a pea head but oh well!
A few months ago I had my side fringe changed into a full fringe because I fancied a fringe for the winter but she cut it so I could wear it as a side fringe as well. At first I really wasn't sure and it was really annoying it being on my face all the time and trying to resist the urge to brush it off my face. So eventually it grew out and I just gave up on it, but it was getting really long and I decided to trim it myself, which I do quite often, I have some actual hairdressing scissors and I'm always very careful! But anyway, so it was that time again when it needed a trim and I always cut into a side fringe and then just wear it as a thick side fringe, but after trimming it, it was clear that it was a good hair day for me, which doesn't happen very often, so I though 'what the hell, I'll whack the full fringe out' and I can't get enough of it! I normally only wear it on the day of washing it, just because it can easily feel gross and stuck to my forehead!  

But here we go...
A full fringe can be very irrigating and and especially in the wind, it's a lot of effort and you've always got to style it and can't just get out the shower and leave it which can be very annoying sometimes. However, I think it's very eye catching and it definitely makes my eyes look bigger and can completely change a look. I do actually love having a fringe it's a lovely change!

Jess xo

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