Topshop make up - Highlight in Sunbeam

This beauty took my highlighter V!
Topshop highlight in sunbeam - £10
I've had this since November 2012 and have never felt the need to buy any other highlighter, that just proves my love for this beaut.
I would say it's definitely for people with a yellow undertone in their skin, but Topshop also do a more pinkier one too which I have also heard great things about.
I would normally think that £10 is a lot for a product like this but this is massive and will lasts years!
 You only need the tiniest amount and it looks so lush on! It really catches the sun and I always get so many compliments on my skin when I wear this.
I have quite oily skin so always use a matte foundation, so I often feel like my skin looks a bit dull, but this gives me just the right amount of highlight that I crave.
As you can see above it just looks so lovely. I apply it in a line with my finger and then blend it out with a real techniques contouring brush. I literally use this everyday.
I really enjoy using this product it completely satisfies my needs in terms of a highlighter and if this ever runs out I will most likely repurchase this. However, I haven't tried any other highlighters so can't actually compare it to any other ones and I am sure there are probably better ones but I just think this is perfection.
Plus, the packaging is soo cute, I always love the Topshop packaging.
Thanks for reading.
Jess xo

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