Mac eyeshadow - Beauty Marked.

This is by far my favourite going out eyeshadow at the moment.
Mac eyeshadow in Beauty Marked - £12
It's a beautiful dark black/grey with purple shimmer, it's one of those colour where in one light it looks just black and then in the other light it's a beautiful purple colour.
It's super pigmented and lasts really well on me I do always use a primer though, just in case, but all the Mac eyeshadows I've tried are amazing quality and so they should be for the price!
I am so in love with this colour, it looks incredible for an extreme smokey eye with only this colour, I think it really compliments brown or hazel eyes.
Once I run out of this I will definitely repurchase it but I've already used it a lot and I've used any!
Totally in love with this colour, thank you Mac!
Jess xo

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