Revlon - quick dry top coat.

Apologies for the state of the bottle, it's been a very well used product.

This is the first quick dry top coat i've ever tried so I don't have to compare it to but I can't imagine painting my nails without one! I always like to apply quite a few coats of nail varnish so that colour looks really pigmented and even, I hate nail varnish that goes patchy!
Anyway, this top coat isn't like an instant dry thing but is does make your nail varnish dry dramatically quicker than normal which is great. Normally I wait until I have atleast an hour to paint my nails so I can make a really good job of them and make sure they don't smudge because I cannot stand it when they do! Literally hate it! Now I can just paint them before I go out, whack a coat of this on wait a few minutes and then I'm good to go!
This is £8 which I think is rather expensive for a nail varnish, I would only really pay up to £8 for nail varnish unless it was one I was dying to own! I think that obviously the quality of nail varnish is different but I change my nail varnish so often that buying an expensive one isn't really worth it for me.

I did really enjoy buying this but I'm not sure whether I'll repurchase, purely because I want to try out some other quick dry top coats but I shall review those as well!
If you're a quick dry top coat newbe like me then I would recommend this, it's doesn't smudge your varnish underneathe as you apply it, however as you can see it has stained a weird pinky colour from the reds i've used it on, the colour doesn't transfer to the coloured nail varnish underneathe but it probably would do on a really clean colour like a white or a mint.

Jess xo

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