Barry M nail paint - Red wine

I am such a sucker for a burgundy, whether it's nails, clothes or lips! I probably already have this colour in a different brand but I coudln't resist.
I love Barry M, they're my favourite colour varnishes although sometimes the quality isn't always the best, they have a great colour range and everytime I see a new shade I can't help myself and before I know it, it's in my collection.
Barry M nail paint doesn't have the best reputation for lasting very long which I do agree with but their reds always last so much longer on me, I don't what it is, maybe the formula is slightly different or something.
Red wine is such a beautiful colour especially for this 'in between' season, it's really pigmented and sometimes I can get away with wearing just one coat which leaves it more of a bright red but not a scarlett. However, normally I just apply two coats and a quick dry top coat of some sort and I'm good to go, I would wear this colour all year long, I think it's quite a classy colour but it's not too 'in your face', it still looks like you've put the effort in. I really enjoy wearing it with short square nails, you know, that annoying time when some of your nails are long and some have broken so you make the decision to cut them all short and some colours can look a bit rubbish, this colour definitely compliments them.

I can imagine this colour looking amazing in the summer with a tan but I think it looks great with all skin colours.

Jess xo

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