17 mirror shine lipsticks.

Thought it was about time I reviewed these lipsticks as they are some of my faves!
Firstly, I really like the new packaging, it's classic black and sleek, can't go wrong with it really.
17 mirror shine lipstick from Boots - £4.59
I am absolutely completely in love with these lipsticks! They look really scary bright but they give a lovely sheer pop of colour, they are great if you're just dipping your toe in the world of bright lipsticks! They are almost like a coloured lipgloss but in a lipstick form.
Boots have recently bought them out in new packaging and I think they've changed the formula as well, they feel sort of thicker now more like a lipstick than a gloss. The three I have are L.A, Bolshie and Beehive. Beehive is soo loved in the blogging world, I've heard it's a dupe for Mac's crème cup, which I'm gagging to try! It's the sort of 'your lips but better' colour that every girl needs.
Bolshie is a vibrant pink colour, perfect for spring and summer, sheer but still leaves a bright pink gloss. It's the newest in my collection but I've been using it the most at the moment.
Finally L.A is a lovely orangey red, great for those times when you want a bit of colour but nothing too shocking, I always seems to grab this when I'm wearing heavier eye shadow.
I cannot recommend these enough, I ended up buying my mum some after she was trying to steal mine and she's not a lipstick person at all. They last fairly well, the gloss wears off in a few hours but it leaves almost a stain which is quite nice, but I enjoy reapplying lipstick in the day anyway, especially if it's a sheer colour or a nude. Also they have the handiest little mirrors that pull out when you pull the lid off which is a massive bonus not having to search through your bag to find a mirror!
The only bad thing I would say about these is that they can sometimes highlight the dryer patches on your lips but I've come to the conclusion that I only notice it because I'm looking so closely at my lips and that in a bathroom mirror, for example, it doesn't highlight the dryness, but I just make sure to exfoliate my lips before applying lipstick anyway.
Jess xo

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