Mua - undressed palette

Mua undressed palette - £4
First off I got this bad boy for £1, in Superdrug it was only £3 and then I used my Superdrug points to get £2 off! Such a bargain!
I was contemplating getting the Naked palette but as I'm a student, I wasn't sure I really wanted to spend that much money on a palette, I had heard that this palette was a dupe but I still wanted the naked palette until I read this blog post by Miss Budget Beauty and I just thought well, I'll just get the cheaper one! I'm so happy I did, I thought if I was to really fall in love with it in a few months I could get the naked palette, but to be honest I think I'll just keep repurchasing this Mua palette, it's such a great everyday or night time palette! My favourite shades are the golds and browns, every eyeshadow is really pigmented and easy to blend, the fall down isn't too bad either. I have been using this palette everyday since I bought it and will continue to do so! They also last really well on me too, I still always use a primer or a base but I don't have to worry about them creasing at all, while I'm out at uni or anything. Big love for this palette!
So, to anyone who is contemplating buying the Naked palette, I would recommend getting this first, because £36 is a lot of money to spend on something that you might not like, where as £4 is nothing really, you can't even buy a single eyeshadow for that from most companies.
I know I'm late jumping on the band wagon for this but I wasn't really very interested in the Naked palette until I saw it in real life!
Jess xo


  1. I've just done a post about this palette and the Heaven & Earth palette, they're both amazing! :) xo

    1. Oh really? I'll check it out! Think I'll be buying that one next! :)

      Jess xo