Aussie - Dual personality texturising + conditioning gel spray

I think everyone loves the brand Aussie for their shampoos and conditioners but I haven't really heard much about their other products and I was in the market for a texturizing spray so I thought I'd give this ago.
Aussie dual personality aussome texturising + conditioning gel spray - £4.89 
It claims to give 'dimensional texture' and 'lightweight conditioning'.
My hair is naturally quite wavey but it sometime ends up looking a bit rubbish and frizzy so I thought this might help improve my waves.
I just sprits this into damp hair from roots to ends then leave it to dry naturally or style depending on my mood, I try to avoid my fringe because it makes it tends to make it harder to style and my fringe is annoying anyway so don't need any help with that! Ha! 
It definitely gives my hair more volume when I blow dry it but doesn't really do much when I leave it natural, I don't think it really gives my hair any extra texture but it does hold my waves a bit better which I normally scrunch in, however while my hair is drying it does make it quite crunchy which I hate! But when it dries properly it doesn't remain crunchy but that's probably because it's a gel spray and you can definitely tell when you shake the bottle.
Would I repurchase it? Ermm, probably not this is the first texturizing sprays I've tried and I'm not really keen on it, so when I run out I'll be trying something else.
I've heard the Bumble and Bumble texturizing spray to amazing so I might splash out on that but I want to see if there are any good highstreet ones, so if you know any please let me know and I'll give them ago!
Jess xo 

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