Models own nail polish in purple blue.

Models own in purple blue - £5
This is a beautiful almost petrol bluey purple, it's absolutely beautiful. From a far it looks like a gunmetal colour but when it catches the light it looks incredible! It's really shimmery and I think it really suits my skin tone.
Models own is quickly becoming my favourite nail varnish brand, I think the colours are really unique and I always go there if I don't know what colour I fancy but still want a nail varnish. This colour lasts really well, it hasn't chipped yet and I've been wearing it for three days, which I know isn't very long but I'm the worst person for chipping nail varnish in the world!
My Models own nail varnish collection is slowly growing which pleases me, love the staying power of this nail varnish, it needs two coats to be opaque which is normal really but I always apply three just to make sure. Such a beautiful colour and I think it would look lovely in any season.
Jess xo

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