Revlon moon candy nail art in milky way - Review

I've been after this for so long because it looks insanely beautiful! 

Revlon moon candy nail art in milky way - £7.99

Firstly, I think this product is fairly expensive for the amount of product you actually get but I still couldn't resist getting it. I don't think it's actually going to last that long to be honest, I've only used it twice and the glitter side is dramatically lower so I personally won't be repurchasing it because I think you can buy better value for money glitter top coats.
I did find this product quite strange because it never seemed to dry even with a quick dry top coat, obviously you apply a coat or two of the base colour and then a coat of the glitter then I applied a quick dry top coat and even left it for over an hour while I was watching YouTube videos on my laptop and then I got dressed and all of my nails ended up smudging which was really annoying. I then reapplied it again a few days later because the smudges were really annoying me and I made sure to leave it at least two hours and used a quick dry top coat and it still smudged but I managed to save it a little by flattening the smudges down with my thumb, it's still really annoying though because I'm a perfectionist with my nails.
In terms of chipping, mine didn't chip at all for at least five days and then slowly started chipping a little bit but as soon as it started chipping I just took it off because the smudges were driving me crazy.
To be honest, I wouldn't buy this again, although it looks amazing on the nails and really pretty it just doesn't seem worth it to me, I'm going to go on the hunt for a glitter top coat just as beautiful as this one but cheaper and better quality. 

Jess xo

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