Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - Review

The packaging is soooooo cute too!
 Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - £12

 As you all probably know this is a raved about cult beauty product and I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about and recently purchased it. It's basically a mascara designed for only your bottom lashes, the brush is dramatically smaller and the formula is supposed to be smudge proof as well. 
I have only really gotten into wearing mascara on my bottom lashes recently (well within the last few months) and always ended up smudging it into my lash line which is really annoying and can mess up your eye make up, so when I heard about this I knew it would be something I'd really like! So I ended up purchasing it a few weeks ago and I've really been loving it, I find the most effective way to apply this is to apply one thin coat then it dry, then apply a second thin coat, this doesn't make it look clumpy. Though this is not a waterproof mascara it fairs really well in the shower and I actually have to use a oil based make up remover to get this off. 
I really really like this! It's great for getting in the corner of your eyes and getting all those bottom lashes without ruining any make up in your lash line and it doesn't smudge at all throughout the day!

This just shows the size of the brush compared to a normal mascara brush! Cute! 

Jess xo


  1. Such a tiny wand!


  2. That packaging is so adorable, and how cute is the tiny wand?! I use my regular mascara on my bottom lashes at the moment, but I'd love to try one like this to make sure I catch all the tiny lashes xx