Eylure Lashfix...

Eylure Lashfix - £2.27

Now, sorry but sometimes boring posts just have to be done! I've tried a few different lash glues and this one is my favourite, it's really easy to apply to the lash and lasts really well, I would say all day and all night if needs to be! It does dry clear but I always apply a little eyeliner just to cover the seal of the fake lash. I would want to say it's almost fool proof but I know applying lashes can be tricky and I definitely still struggle sometimes even though I wear them almost everyday. 
The only bad point I can make is that if you are feeling a little tearful then these come off so easily with a tiny bit of water, which I suppose is a good thing because they're not being too tough of your eyes but if you're getting a bit emotional on a night out or whenever, be wary! 
I know the Duo lash glue is really raved about but it's quite hard to get hold of, I know you can get it from Mac but it is £10 with is quite a lot to spend of a lash glue and I prefer the look of this applicator. 
However, I'm sure I'll end up try the Duo Lash Glue eventually and will report back! 

Jess xo

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