Five Faves...

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Really lovely foundation, I dare anyone not to like it! Medium coverage and lasts really nicely through the day with a primer which is a miracle for me! Expensive price tag but completely worth it!
Clinique Super Primer - I have oily skin so primers are a must for me and this is one of the only ones where I've honestly really noticed a different to my foundation. The consistency is really nice, feels really nice on the skin. 

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara -  I'm very loyal to my usual waterproof mascaras but sometimes you gotta check what else is out there, and I got this in a gift set for Christmas from the boyf and I really really like it. It's a nice change to not have to tug at your eyes to get your mascara off, it has a massive brush which I really like but not so great for bottom lashes.

Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Amorous Alloy - I was a bit unsure of why I bought this at first but I really love it now, it's really shimmery and pretty and the print is really cool and I kind of don't want to ruin it.
Mac Copper Sparkle Pigment - Don't think I need to go into this much, just look how incredibly beautiful it is! I would recommend getting a mixing medium to use with it though. 

Jess xo


  1. I love Soap and Glory mascara but really want to try out that primer!!

    1. It's so nice! You definitely need to try it :)
      Jess xo