Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Amorous Alloy - Review

Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Amorous Alloy - £17

I'd never heard of this collection, but just saw how beautiful it is and I just grabbed it without even thinking. On the Mac website it's described as "In Extra Dimension Skinfinish, Blush and Eye Shadow feature our unique liquid-powder hybrid formula, delivering high-resolution colour and prismatic reflections in versatile finishes with up to six hours of colour coverage. It's polished perfection." I don't really know how this differs from any other Mac products but it sounds perfect. 
So anyway, I took it to the checkout and was shocked at the price, but I still got it because I had a voucher. 
How it differs to the normal Mac eye shadows to me is that, it's more shimmery, the glitter in it is much more finely milled and it's really blendable. It's just really really pretty, and still great quality, as all Mac eye shadows I've tried have been, they only have a few colours in this collection and non of them really take my fancy but I definitely want to check out their blushes. Unfortunately, I have no idea how long this collection is out for, so for all I know it could of already been discontinued and in that case I'm sorry, but if it isn't then, I think it's well worth having a look at these and seeing if there's any that take your fancy. 
I've been wearing this everyday at the moment, just all over the lid and underneath to create that slightly Cara smokey eye.

Jess xo


  1. Lovely - i prefer bronze colours to any other! looks great

    Have a great day,
    Lucy xxx

    Florals & Corals

    1. Thanks :) Yeahh me too!
      Jess xo