Shoes, shoes, shoes - Summer staples

If you know me then you know how much I love shoes! In my mind, even when you're having a 'fat day' your feet never change size or feel fat! I've really been getting into heels recently and I thought I'd share some tips and tricks to heel wearing!

The Summer Heeled Boot.
From depop

A heeled boot is perfect for everyday wear if you fancy a little more height but don't want to look really over the top and dressy. These boots have a chunky heel which makes walking and stability much more steady and comfortable. I love pairing heeled boots like these with ditsy summer dresses with an oversized slouchy cardigan. I really love that whole 'just threw this together' grungey look. Boots like these can be worn most of the year, the cut outs make them more appropriate for the summer although I definitely would't recommend them if it's boiling outside because your feet will be so so hot! Then pair them with thick tights and socks in the winter.   

The Classic Heel. 
Primark - £9

Stiletto heels are definitely back in fashion this year, I've seen them everywhere and I think they look incredible on. However, these types of shoes are definitely much harder to wear and walk in. The skinny heel definitely needs getting use to, but strutting around the house is a must to stretch them out and get use to them! I bought these beauties from Primark for £9, what a bargain! These are probably more of a classy dinner shoe but it definitely depends how your pain threshold is. Definitely not a walking shoe, but look amazing on and great for elongating the leg.  

The Comfortable Strappy Heel 
From New Look - £10 (sale)

I got these beauties for the amazing price of £10 from New Look in the sale but they still have these online so check them out! I'm very wary about strappy shoes because I think they can feel very unstable and your foot can feel like it will just fall out at any point, which I can't deal with! Also, some strappy shoes actually kill my toes and rub them raw, even when walking only a short distance. These are perfect if you suffer with these issues, they are still summery and strappy but withenough straps that keep your foot stable and in place, also the leather is soft enough that there is no rubbing! Yay! The heel is chunky enough to comfortably walk in but still skinny enough to still look sexy and girly. I really love the statement white sole, it goes with everything and softens the black leather. 

The Party Boot.
From Primark - £19

These are my ultimate party heels, I can wear these for hours and hours without being in pain. The cut outs are on quite a sexy area of the foot and show off your ankles but still keep your foot secure. To begin with these killed my toes with rubbing them raw but I wore them with black socks a couple of times (which turned them into normal boots) which softened the leather and now they don't rub my toes at all. The peep toe makes them appropriate for most occasions and weather. The chunky heel makes them much easier to walk in and with black tights they really elongate the leg. I love throwing these on with pretty dresses and my leather look for a rocky grungey edge. 

The Easy Statment Heel.
From Boohoo.

These shoes are so easy, your foot is barely at any angle whatsoever so they are really comfortable. They almost like a flatform, they have a hidden platform and I could walk for hours in these shoes. The wedge makes them really easy to strut in and you look like you've made a lot more effort than you really have. Also, they are very eye catching and look really cute with some little shorts and a tartan shirt or jacket. A definite must for heel newbies!

The Statement Heel. 
From depop.

These are the newest editions to my shoe family and they are insane. The chunky heel and platform creates height but also stability, they are the highest shoes I own but they get easier to walk in the more you get use to them. They have really intense studs down the heel which are actually really sharp and if you catch your ankle them they are super painful. I think everyone needs a statement shoe in their collection which they love but aren't as wearable as others. I have these on my shelf at the moment just to show off their beauty. I actually bought these from a person on depop but they are from Missguided originally. 

Jess xo

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