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Instead of doing a massive monthly favourites post, I do this series of 'Five Faves' every so often, because I'm a (soon to be ex) student and  constantly skint, I don't have the money to spend on buying and trying new products every month, so I just share a few faves every other monthish. 

Mac Premade Warm Neutral Palette £65 - This is full of neutral shades that can be used for simple day or night looks, I would definitely recommend this for a person who wants to get into Mac but doesn't know where to start. The price tag does seems a bit intense but when you compare it to the price of the 'make your own' palettes of the same size. The colours are all really lovely and pigemented, they also have some shades in there which aren't available to buy individually. 

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £9.99 - I was always a true lover of the Buffing brush which satisfied all my foundation brush needs and I was never really interested in this, until I saw it on an three for two offer in boots and thought I should have it in my collection. Oh boy! I love this brush, I actually prefer it to the Buffing Brush, it just makes blending foundation so effortless and foolproof really! Definitely need this in your collection!

Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation £7.99 - I've never really heard anyone talk about this foundation but I love it. I haven't tried loads of 'drugstore' foundations but this one is great! It's light but still with medium to full coverage, I can wear this all year round because it never feels too heavy on my skin. They have quite a good range of shades with warm and cool undertones so I would definitely recommend checking them out. It really is my favourite foundation of the moment and I've been picking it over any of my expensive foundations and have it so many shades to match me whenever colour I am! 

Mac Lipstick in Flat out Fabulous £15 - This is one of their Matte finishes and is perfect for this season!! It's a very cool pink with purple and blue undertones, perfect for making your teeth look pearly white. It's super duper long lasting and applying one thinish layer will last all day without too much maintenance. However, if you apply a couple of layers or a thick layer it can go cakey and flakey which doesn't look good! 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick £8.99 - I was feeling spendy when I picked this up liquid lipstick and it was before I'd really heard anything about them. I have about a million red lipsticks so definitely didn't need it but I'm sooooooo glad I picked it up. It's a really light velvet feeling liquid lipstick, which you apply wet and in a couple of minutes it sets and locks into place. It lasts through eating and drinking no problem! I've worn it from morning to late at night before and it was still in perfect condition. Even if for some reason if has worn a little bit then it can be layered back over the top and it doesn't leave it looking cakey or lumpy. This colour is perfect if you love that Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 which is my 'go to' night out lipstick, and I've been swaping it for this Bourjois one because it lasts so much better! I'm going to get these in every colour! The only slight negative thing I can point out is that in some colours they don't apply completely opaque but that can be solved with wearing a lip liner in the same colour underneath, which will then be locked in place with the Bourjois liquid lipstick over top.

Jess xo

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