Playing With Spring Staples...

I think in between seasons is the perfect time to get creative with your style. Spring is the perfect time for layering to keep warm but then removing tights for that whole festivally look, which I love. As I'm trying to include more fashion in my blog I thought I'd share the ways I've been switching up my style a bit for Spring and Summer. 
1. Great pair of ankle boots - I love wearing boots all year round, I am a complete boot black addict! I really love pairing black ankle boots with a pretty Summer dress to toughen it up a little and then throwing on a leather jacket as well. It's still rather cold in the UK so also throw on some black tights or over knee thick socks. 

2. Getting creative with jewellery - I love jewellery because sizes do not matter, if you're having a fat day then jewellery still looks great along with shoes! I've been taking a step back from the statement chunky necklaces and getting into layering simpler smaller necklaces for a more effortless look. I've been doing this with long and short necklaces to create a little more dimension, I like it because it's not massively noticeable, so you have to second glance to see them. However, I am definitely still loving statement necklaces.

3.Playing with prints - Spring and Summer is the perfect time to start getting creative with prints  I love clashing prints with a crazy bright/dark lipstick to either toughen up a girly print or brighten up a monochrome print. I really love clashing prints with other prints too, it really adds dimension to an outfit and can be really interesting. I still play it quite play with clashing a monochrome print with a coloured one, I'm not brave enough to try two bright prints yet!

4. Heels - I think more people need to wear heels! I wear heels whatever chance I get, I'm really short so I need the height. If I know I'm driving somewhere and I'm not going to be walking any crazy lengths, I'll always whack on a pair of heels. Instant sexiness. 

5. Layering - Changing seasons is the perfect time to layer, thin knit jumpers and t shirts are great for layering over cami dresses that are a bit too skimpy to be wearing alone at the moment. The whack on some over knee socks or tights and it instantly looks chic. I think layering is the perfect way to look effortless without trying too hard. Also if you're a bit self conscious about your middle area layer over a dress hides that part but then shows off the slimness of your legs which is a trick I always use. Then if you need to go out at night and don't have time to change your outfit just swap your flats for heels and swap your thin knit for a leather jacket or a checked shirt. 

6. Get a kimono - Kimonos are great for spring and summer, really effortless and chic. They are everywhere at the moment and there are some amazing prints out there at the moment. They're perfect just to throw on if you don't like your arms or if it's a little chilly but too warm for a jacket. Absolutely perfect for any holidays as well, over bikinis or dresses. I have a completely lace one from New Look via Asos and it's so sexy, I can't wait to wear it with a simply strappy black dress underneath. 

Jess xo

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