Simple easy grungey nail look...

 Maybelline color show in Blackout. 
L'oreal glitter top coat in Gold Leaf.
Barry M nail paint in Treasure Chest.
Seche Vite quick drying top coat. 

I've had so many compliments on these nails, from my friends and strangers, I've never had so much attention on my nail look before and it's the easiest most simple nail art! 
Just start with a black base coat, only one coat is enough if it's opaque enough. Once dried apply a glitter top coat up until half of your nail, starting from the cuticle. Keep applying that until you can the thickness of the gold glitter that you desire, try and flick the brush over the end of your nail a little bit to create a ombre effect. I used two different colours of gold glitter to apply more dimension. Finally, once relatively dry, apply your favourite top coat, I applied two coats of this just to hold all the glitter in place and to make it feel smoother. I would definitely recommend using these two glitter top coats, they're great and the clear polish to glitter ratio is good! Nothing worse than having no glitter and tons of clear polish! 

Sorry I've been away for a while, I've now completed my dissertation, which is insane! Now I only have three more not-so-intense deadlines left and I'll have finished my degree. I'm trying to get back into a routine of blogging everyday again now my schedule isn't so crazy! I'm going to try and head into making videos maybe?! I also want to incorporate more fashion into my blog too, I've really been getting into styling and grungey fashion lately! 

Speak soon! 

  Jess xo  

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