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I just wanted to do a quick post on my experience with, I first used it when Boots has sold out of the La Roche-Porsay products I wanted and I felt like I needed it straight away! Boots is great and often have deals like two products for £15 which is amazing when my favourite product is normally £13 and it's a great way to try their other products out.
Any how, Boots had no stock in the very popular effaclar duo so I googled it and came up and I was pleasantly surprised!

 I ended up ordering three things from them, two tubes of the Effaclar duo and a tube of the Effaclar K which I hadn't tried before but it sounded like it would suit my skin well, I will do a review of that in the near future!
I was so shocked at how happy I was with the website, I'm not sure whether it's a really popular website for beauty products, I've never heard anyone speak about it before or anything.
When I ordered what I wanted there was 30% of all the La Roche Porsay products which I was sooooo chuffed about and it turned out to be cheaper than if I had bought it from Boots! It said that it would probably take about 5 working days to arrive, which we all know turns into a week because if you order it one a monday it more or less will arrive on the following monday due to the weekend getting in the way, but this was at my door within two days I think, I was so surprised and my Mac order came at the same time as well, so I was doubley happy! Everything was there and all protected in lots of bubblewrap and everything which is a pain to get into but an essential and they also sent me a small sample of perfume and a free nail file which I just thought was sooo lovely!
I will definitely be buying my La Roche Porsay products from there from now on unless Boots have a super deal on! Just wanted to know what a lovely experience I had with them and I recommended it to one of my friends who also loved it!

Jess xo

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