VO5 plump it up - Review.

I have a lot of hair but because it's quite heavy I can't get very much volume, I start off with a lot but then after about half an hour it's all dropped out, which is really annoying! So I was browsing the selves in boots for something and came across this, I've heard quite a lot of good things about this range and thought 'why the hell not?' so I bought it. 
I actually really like it, it says to spray in damp hair and then blow dry and then instant volume! Which I think is actually completely true, it really worked with my hair and for even more volume I hold my head upside down while blow drying for that extra umpht! It definitely give the impression of extra thick and it lasts really well too, I mostly use this on nights out when I can be bothered to style my hair properly and I've recently had loads of compliments on my hair looking nice which is a a massive bonus! It also has a heat defense built in so you don't have to drown your hair with loads of different products. 
 I haven't bought anything from VO5 in years, it's just not a brand I think of when I want to buy hair products but I have been pleasantly surprised and will definitely be trying more from this brand. I think the packaging it lovely and I never loose it when I throw it in my stack of hair products which is a plus! Ha! The bottle is a nice size not too chunky and easy to carry around if you want to take it somewhere with you, like to a friend's house.
It doesn't feel heavy in your hair at all, however you can tell you've got product in especially in your fringe so I always try and leave my fringe out when I'm spray it in and then just brush some through it at the end. 
I would 100% recommend this to anyone, whatever hair type they have, it's not drying and it doesn't make your hail oily or heavy at all! It's an all round winner for me. 
I personally think it's rare to quite a high street hair product to be such a winner. I often try out different hair products but they never really seem to do what they say they are going to do and I rarely like to try out more expensive brands because I don't want to chance it.

Jess xo

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