Current eyelash love.

So, my eye lashes aren't that bad, they're not as long as I would like but they're not short, so occasionally I will wear fake eyelashes, usually when I go out to make my make up more dramatic but recently I've been wearing them in the day as well. Nothing too dramatic just to give a little bit more length and volume on those days when I've got a busier day, like I'm going shopping or out for lunch or something.

Probably this time last year I bought 40 pairs of eye lashes for like a fiver from eBay, all brand new they were just a Chinese make which doesn't bother me at all. 
 Four different lengths and volumes, I was well chuffed when I got them, they were all really nice and soft and looked great. 

But anyway, I have been loving the least dramatic loves for the day time at the moment, they just give a tiny bit more length and volume but still look quite natural. Obviously if you really look you can tell they're fake but it's not that noticeable.

I trim them so they only go on the outer part of my eye lashes, they are really easy to measure and trim, they feel really light on the lid, almost like you haven't even got any one. For eye lash noobs they might not be the best, the band is quite thick which can make them quite difficult to apply sometimes. Usually the first time you use a pair they are quite hard to shape and fit but after that they are a lot easier to apply. It's all about practice with fake eyelashes, the more you do the easier they are to apply and to me, it can be completely down to luck. One day they'll go on perfect and the next it'll be sooo difficult but usually they are alright with me. 
I would say you could only use these eye lashes 2 or 3 times before they start to be ratty and gross, they're not the greatest for quality but if you're an eyelashes junkie like me and go through them like there's no tomorrow then these will be great.  40 pairs for £5ish is amazing i think, especially when one pair is normally that price. I love these and it upsets me to think that I've nearly ran out of these! I will definitely repurchase them again, the only thing is, the glue I go with them was awful and I just ended up using some glue from old ones I had bought! 

Jess xo

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