E.l.f jumbo eye shadow stick in feeling lucky - Review.

I'm quite a big fan of E.l.f, I really like the brushes and most of the products. However, they are very hit and miss! I either love them or hate them and unfortunately I hate this product.

I really wanted this to be like the Nyx jumbo eye shadow sticks that everyone raves about, I haven't tried those myself as I haven't ever been able to get my hands on any so I thought this might be a dupe.

The colour is quite nice, a dark brown with goldy shimmer, it applies quite nicely too and blends well. I applied this and blends it all out and it looks lovely which i was chuffed about, didn't think anything of it, then about 15 minutes later I went back to have a look at my creation again and I was gutted! It had just completely creased and was so so oily which was strange because my eyelids aren't particularly oily at all and I had used a primer! There was no way at all to save this tragedy and I just had to completely re do my eye make up, which was so annoying because I needed to be somewhere.

I hate doing ranty posts but I felt said I had to tell you all of my horrible experience with this eye shadow stick, I was so disappointed because I expected great things from it, well maybe that was the problem. I shall not be buying any of these again and it's actually put me off trying any eye shadow sticks again. It was only £2.50 but there's still better products to buy out there for roughly the same price.
I think I'm actually just gonna bin this, which is a big deal for me because I'm a hoarder!

Sorry about the ranty post but I was just gutted about this product. 

Jess xo

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