Summery room update!

Now it's finally looking like Summer is on it's way and I thought I'd just share with you a few ways I like to update my room for the spring and summer.

I bought these flowers from eBay for only a couple of quid, I was going to try and make a headband out of them but in the mean time I just put them into this little pot (which was a primark candle that I cleaned out) on my desk just to add a bit of colour and something nice to look at.

 I also clipped these hair flowers onto my photo frame to add some colour and to store them while I'm not wearing them. They are neon on coral as well, so they are perfect for the summer and look super cute in my room. They were roughly £5 for both from H&M.

One of the final ways I like to update my room is to get all my summery festival jewellery out and put it somewhere on show, especially colourful jewellery. These heart dishes were only £1.49 from B&M home!! What a bargain! 

Just a short Summery post, hope you enjoyed!

Jess xo


  1. Love love love your sunflowers - so Summery!


    1. Thaannnnks :) They were only from eBay :)

      Jess xo