Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - Review...

Hollllaaa, I'm back. I've had some well deserved time off and now I'm refreshed and determined to get back on it. I've been off blogging for a couple months and a lot have changed over that time, including my eye lashes. I always had the view that my eye lashes were really short and falsies were my only option but I sacked off applying them daily and have gotten back into mascaras. It's all about getting the right mascara to really give the most to your lashes. So with all that in mind I thought I'd pick up the new Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. My main need in a mascara is length so I thought this would be perfect. 
Overall, I do really like this mascara, it really gives me length and the right amount of volume too. The brush is perfect to get into those roots but without poking your eyes out. It works for both top and bottom lashes which makes it great for traveling and keeping those products down. I probably will be buying this mascara again, I do really like it. I massively prefer it over the "They're Real" mascara but I still suffer the same sort of issues as "They're Real" and that's that it smudge on my eye lids, which is annoying. However I battle this issue by just doing a coat of water proof mascara over the top which stops it from smudging. It claims that you don't need to curl your lashes when you use this, which I wouldn't agree with but I do think it holds a curl once you have curled your lashes. For the price tag, I do think there are better drugstore alternatives out there but so far, as a mascara reuser, I'm happy with this. It fulfills my mascara needs. 

Have you tried this mascara? I'd love to hear your opinion too. 

Jess xo 

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